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AMATÖRnament 2019

by Discgolf Stockholm 
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Do you want to compete on one of the finest courses in the world? Do you want to be part of Sweden's largest discgolf competition for amateurs? Do you have no rating but want to try playing a real competition?

Then Järva AMATÖRnament is the competition for you!

For the second year in a row, Discgolf Stockholm arranges Järva AMATÖRnament. 2018 the competition was a huge success. There were players from all over the Nordic countries who came to Järva and competed.

This year we are even bigger! With a starting field of 216 players, Järva AMATÖRnament is Sweden's largest discgolf tournament.

This year's fantastic player package includes 4 discs from among others Kastaplast, Discmania, Prodigy and Westside. In addition, you also get a lot of extras.

Järva AMATÖRnament is a PDGA-sanctioned discgolftournament for beginners, amateurs or advanced players. Pro-players are welcome to play in the amateur division MA1 if they have a rating below 970.

Course: Järva Discgolfpark in Stockholm. One of the finest courses in the world. In 2017, Järva won the prize as Sweden's finest park.

Date: 8-9 june 2019


Advanced MA1 (No rating limits. If you have a PDGA Pro-membership your rating has to be below 970.

Intermediate MA2 (rating up to 934)

Recreational MA3(rating up to 899)

Female FA1(For all the ladies, no rating limits)

Malejunior MA40 (age 40 and over, rating up to 935)


NOTE! Read the red box below carefully!

Maximum number of players:

216, all players will play all holes. 

4 pools 

Pool A: Intermediate MA2 (72 players) will play 3 x 18 holes.

Pool B: Advanced MA1 (36 players) will play 3 x 9 x 2 holes. (Two nine hole loops. Different loops every round). 

Pool C: Recreational MA3 (72 players) will play 3 x 18 holes.

Pool D: Female FA1 (18 players), Male MA40 (24 players) will play 3 x 9 x 2 holes. (Two nine hole loops. Different loops every round). 


The registration opens March 25 at Discgolfmetrix. (You must have an account at Metrix to be able to register) Be sure which class you register for. Follow this link to get to the registration. Please note that your registration will only apply after you have paid the registration fee.


NOTE! Read the red box below carefully!

MA1 700 SKR

MA2 700 SKR

MA3 700 SKR

FA1 700 SKR

MA40 700 SKR

Players outside Sweden pay via PayPal. Use this link.

Please note that you have to pay 700 in SEK!

State the participant's and the competition's name when paying. The registration is approved when both the application to Metrix and the payment has taken place.

Questions? Contact TD Victor Nyhuus at mail:

About ratinglimits on Järva AMATÖRnament:


You do NOT need a rating to participate in Järva AMATÖRnament. The tournament is intended for amateurs and beginners. We welcome and recommend, however, a membership in the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association).


You who may have a PDGA Pro-membership, and have a rating up to 969 are welcome to participate in the amateurdivision MA1. If your rating at the PDGA update May 14 has risen above 969, you will not be able to participate in the competition. However, you can keep your playerpackage.


We have the divisions:

Advanced MA1, (No rating limits. If you have a PDGA Pro-membership your rating can not be over  969)

Intermediate MA2, (up to 934)

Recreational MA3 (up to 899)

Female FA1 (no rating limits)

Male Junior MJ15 (no rating limits)

If the player has a rating of for example 880 and is registered for "Recreational", and rises over 899 between the registration and the tournament, the player automatically enters "Intermediate". 


We recommend, that if you are in the border between "Recreational" and "Intermediate", sign up in the higher division "Intermediate".

You who dont have a rating and usually play rounds around par, at Järva must definitely sign up for the higher division "Advanced".




We will refund 100% of the registration fee until April 23. After April 23, we will refund 650 SEK of the registration fee, provided we can fill your place with someone else (50 kr will be deducted as an administration fee). If we are unable to replace your spot, we will refund you 200 kr. After June 1, we are unable to refund the registration fee. However, you can keep your playerpackage.

Registration: opens march 25, 20.00 GMT at

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